Welcome to the web site of John Burger (currrently in redevelopment, summer 2015). We'll assume you've arrived here quite deliberately, but email me if you want to be certain.

I've worked primarily as a front-end web developer and production artist for many years. I am skilled at hand-coding concise, semantically sensible markup, creating elegant solutions to design problems and development puzzles, creating/editing copy and nomenclature systems, and also working with photography, video, and all manner of digital design and production tools.

Most recently, I've been working primarily as an email marketing developer, while also building web sites for private clients. I am particularly strong at handcoding HTML and CSS, but also have substantial experience working with PHP frameworks, utilizing and editing js/libraries, etc.

My previous experience includes everything from web information design, brand identity design production and brand guidelines development, to high-end print production management, and many other design/Web/production related endeavors.

I am based in Berkeley, CA, and currently entertaining opportunities in the central (SF, Oakland, Berkeley, etc.) Bay Area.

John M. Burger